About Us


The Saint James Hospital Group was founded by owner and current Chairman, Dr Josie Muscat in 1986. What started off as a small family clinic has gradually developed into the Saint James Hospital Group which owns and operates the following facilities in Malta and overseas.

The new Saint James Hospital Eye clinic in B’Kara- Malta, marks the opening of our 6th Eye Clinic since 1994, giving us a presence in Malta, Libya and Hungary within the specialised field of ophthalmology. Being the latest investment of the Group, under the direct management of Overseas Healthcare Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of the Saint James Hospital Group, this eye clinic represents a milestone in the field of ophthalmology in Malta.

This new Eye Clinic houses the very latest ophthalmic medical technology in the field of cataract surgery and refractive laser surgery, supported by a motivated and experienced team of specialists and staff. This combination of medical technology, experienced personnel and high quality standards ensure that we are able to guarantee our customers the best possible treatment and many a time, life changing outcomes, within a safe and caring environment.

We look forward to being of service to you.


Saint James Hospital offers services in various locations in Malta to facilitate access to our patients. Services range from hospitals, ambulatory clinics, immediate medical care units, rehabilitation centre and medical laboratory that offer a wide range of treatments and medical care. Innovation was always part of our structure and culture, and we always strive to invest in the latest technologies to ensure that we offer the best to our patients.


Saint James Hospital’s services overseas are mainly in Hungary and in Libya. In Hungary we have two eye clinics, one of which is accredited with the Joint Commission International (JCI). In Libya we currently have a hospital, dental clinic and physiotherapy centre. As part of our ongoing growth, CEMA was created in the past year, and it offers medical assistance in remote areas and medical air evacautions.

Over the years, the Group has developed a reputation for innovation and excellence in the Healthcare Industry. Our dynamic, forward looking and creative approach ensures that the Group is active in maintaining our leading position within the healthcare industry within which we operate whilst seeking new pastures such that the Group can continue to develop and grow from strength to strength.


Our Eye Clinic performs a wide variety of ophthalmic treatments, a number of which are only performed locally at the Saint James Eye clinic itself.