Mission & Core Values

Mission Statement

‘To consistently deliver high quality healthcare services within the community, in a safe and caring environment.’

Saint James Hospital Eye Clinic, provides a wide range of specialized ophthalmic services to patients seeking quality medical care. We remain abreast of improvements in the ophthalmic field guided by our commitment to achieve excellence in the delivery of care to our patients, relatives and staff alike. This is achieved by:

  • Strict recruiting personnel policy, administrative as well as medical, that is guided not only by on the job competence but also by values which reflect a genuine sense of care and well-being for those around them
  • Providing ongoing training programs to all levels of employees such that all members of staff are able to excel in their respective fields whilst transmitting this added knowledge to their patients
  • Providing a work environment that is safe and comfortable thus allowing for a warm and welcome sense of belonging not only for our employees but also for our patients and relatives
  • Investing in the latest medical equipment thus maintaining our competitive advantage in the market whilst offering our patients the latest and best practices available within the ophthalmic field
  • Providing a clear direction from the top downwards that reflects the company values which are: empathy for the patient, excellence and pride in everything we do, keeping the patient as the main focus of our ‘raison d’etre’ at all times, unity, and finally, enjoying what we do and what we stand for, in the knowledge that we are making people’s lives better through our dedication and work.