Laser Treatments

Laser eye surgery is the most effective and safe method to remove your glasses or contact lenses.  Excimer laser has been used worldwide since the early 80s, and is the treatment of choice for those who would like to live spectacle free.

We offer a wide range of procedures using excimer laser combined with femtosecond laser.  The latest techniques are all laser surgeries, bladeless and painless.  Precision and accuracy are the main features of these advanced laser systems and results are predictable in most cases.

Safety during surgery

Safety features are important and our machines are backed up by technical online support, system alerts and energy tests before procedures.

You will be asked questions about your health status during various stages that lead to your surgery day.

On surgery day, you will be asked to identify yourself many times, this goes in line with the latest World Health Organisation and Royal Collage of Ophthalmologists recommendation for safety in the operating theatre.