At Saint James Hospital Eye Clinic, we treat a wide range of patients with various types of vision impairments that might need surgery.

Surgeries are well planned in advance and a treatment plan is made according to your lifestyle.  You might be asked several questions relating to your lifestyle and what your expectations are.  In this way we can offer you the best visual outcome, considering your age, lifestyle and health status of the eye and in general.

Surgeries are all done under Local or Topical anaesthesia, however, when required, general anaesthesia is offered, and surgery will be done in one of our local hospitals.  All evidence states that local or topical anaesthesia are the safest approach to surgery since complications of anaesthesia is minimal.  Should you choose to have General Anaesthetic, please ensure that your anaesthetist explains well the risks and

Safety during surgery

You will be asked questions about your health status during various stages that lead to your surgery day.

On surgery day, you will be asked to identify yourself many times, this goes in line with the latest World Health Organisation and Royal Collage of Ophthalmologists recommendation for safety in the operating theatre.