Premium Lenses

Premium Quality Intraocular Lenses

In our clinic we work only with the best quality IOLs, which enable us to achieve the most precise visual acuity.

These are revolutionary new types of IOLs. One of them is the tri-focal IOL, allowing, near, intermediate and far distance vision at the same time, so there is no need for reading glasses. It can be compared mostly to the more comfortable visual experience provided by the multifocal glasses, but without the hassle of wearing glasses.

Astigmatism is another kind of refractive error. Astigmatism occurring due to the curvature irregularity of the cornea, can also be corrected by the TORIC intra ocular lens.

The multifocal-toric IOL implant may provide the eligible patients a life without glasses*.

*With the assistance of the surgeon we select the most suitable lens for the patient from the available variety of intraocular lenses, in accordance with our patient’s needs and expectations taking into consideration the patient’s lifestyle.