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From Custodian to CEO

We spoke to our very own team members about their experience of the laser eye treatments at Saint James Eye Clinic

Custodian: Michelle 1:07

“This procedure has truly changed my life.”

Front Desk: Janet 1:20

“My sight was restored immediately.”

Head of Quality Services: Tanya 1:55

“A quick, pain-free and lifechanging treatment.”

CFO: Ali 1:28

“This was the fastest treatment I’ve ever had!”

CEO: Jean Claude 2:13

“My quality of life has improved tenfold. I no longer waste time trying to find my specs, I can see clearly from the moment I wake up, and now I can go about my day without interruption.”

Laser Eye Surgery Explained By Mr Melvin Gouder

Am I Eligible? 1:25

Your age and health may be deciding factors for Laser Eye Surgery – Melvin Gouder explains what makes for an eligible surgery candidate.

Eye Laser Treatment Recovery 1:40

Melvin Gouder explains the recovery process and how long can you expect to wait before being able to see with perfect clarity after surgery.

The Risks of SMILE 2:29

Melvin Gouder explains some of the risks that may be associated with the SMILE procedure.

Laser Eye Surgery Explained By Mr Francis Carbonaro

Laser Eye Surgery: The Facts 1:55

Melvin Gouder explains some of the risks that may be associated with the SMILE procedure.

Eligibility Factors 1:47

Justin Kodurand introduces the Saint James Dry Eye Clinic, the first of its kind in Malta.

Eye Laser Aftercare 2:45

Francis Carbonaro answers common questions about aftercare after laser eye surgery.

Eye Laser In Practice

Kevin Paul: Clear Vision That Strikes A Chord 1:18

After a quick and painless SMILE procedure Kevin Paul can now see as clearly as he can sing 🎶

Watch as Kevin Paul embarks on his eye laser treatment journey at Saint James Eye Clinic.

Watch Lara Azzopardi’s Life Changing Eye Laser Surgery 1:30

This is a memory we look back on fondly – check out this video of Lara Azzopardi’s life-changing treatment at the Eye Clinic in 2018.

Here she explains that the procedure is quick, painless, and a complete game changer for your vision.

Dale Camilleri’s SMILE laser procedure, from start to finish! 9:00

What’s the secret behind the smile on Dale’s handsome face? Our cutting-edge SMILE laser eye surgery, of course! Painless, quick and perfectly safe, Dale rated his experience ‘a perfect 10’.

What’s quicker? Eye Laser vs Coffee 0:30

You’ve probably been deliberating on whether or not to correct your vision with eye laser treatment for a while. But did you know that the procedure actually takes less time than making a cup of coffee?

What’s quicker? Eye Laser vs Brushing Your Teeth 0:30

Did you know that eye laser treatment is actually quicker than your morning routine?

Our surgeons can carry out eye laser treatments on both eyes using state-of-the-art Zeiss equipment in just under 25 seconds!

Love in a time when laser eye treatments didn’t exist… 1:00

Why let bad eyesight ruin a special moment?

Do your mornings look like this? 0:30

Do you start each day wishing things could be different?

Other treatments

Correction of Ptosis 2:28

In this video Ms Maria de Bono Agius will walk you through what ptosis is, why it develops, and how it can be treated.

The New Dry Eye Clinic 3:20

Justin Kodurand introduces the Saint James Dry Eye Clinic, the first of its kind in Malta.

Meet The Eye Clinic Staff

Scrub Nurse: Lawrence 1:35

Meet Lawrence, a member of our caring and dedicated nursing staff! Hit play to find out what a typical day looks like here at Saint James Eye Clinic.

Ophthalmic Nurse: Eleanor 1:40

Meet Eleanor, she’s been a nurse for a decade and has been part of our team for the past two years. Find out all about her role in this quick interview!

Clinic Manager: Andrei 1:50

You may recognise Andrei – usually the main point of contact for patients and professionals alike, Andrei is the Manager here at Saint James Eye Clinic. In this short clip Andrei tells us all about his role, what he loves most about his work, and what he does in his free time.