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We aim to give the best healthcare service to our patients in a warm and welcoming environment.

Our mission is…

To consistently deliver high quality healthcare services within the community, in a safe and caring environment.

The team at Saint James Eye Clinic is committed to offering a warm and friendly welcome to each and every patient, putting the patient at the centre of all that we do, and true to the spirit of our vision – giving a service with pride and excellence.

We are committed to a culture of quality that puts safety first and foremost every time.

These are our priorities:

Patient Safety

We strive to increase the safety and effectiveness of our care and services provided.

Clinical Effectiveness

We aim to improve patient health and well-being by optimising the outcome of assessments, treatments, procedures and care delivered.

Patient Experience

We aspire to exceed the expectations of all our patients.

Our Values

Our aim is to provide first-class private healthcare to the community in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment. 

We constantly strive to improve our clinical safety and standards by following these five values:

  • Quality oriented
  • Focused on growth
  • Dynamic and engaging
  • Teamwork
  • Care at our core

Patient Charter

Our Duties

Be punctual and efficient.

We will be punctual and efficient at all times. We shall conduct consultations, tests and procedures at the scheduled time and provide advance notification of changes if necessary.

Treat all patients with dignity and respect.

We will treat our patients’ beliefs and values with dignity and respect. We offer our services without regard for colour, sex, age, disability, medical condition, marital status, national or ethnic origin, religion or source of payment.

We also endeavour to make our clinic accessible for people with disabilities and others with specific needs.

Act with safety and comfort in mind.

We will always act with your safety and comfort in mind and will encourage your participation by providing appropriate information regarding any of your concerns.

We will provide comfortable facilities for waiting and ensure our facilities meet international health and safety standards.

Respect privacy and confidentiality.

We will treat all communications and records relating to your care as confidential,  including sources of payment and treatment. Examinations shall be conducted discreetly and confidentially, giving reasonable visual and auditory privacy where possible. 

You have the right to have your medical records read only by individuals involved in your care, by individuals monitoring quality, or by individuals authorised by law or regulation.

Handle complaints promptly.

We commit to handling all complaints objectively, compassionately and promptly. 

You have the right to refuse service, but patients should speak to their doctor or consultant to discuss the implications of this decision.

Your Responsibilities

We ask our patients to help us deliver the best healthcare service possible by:

Answering questions fully.

Please read and familiarise yourselves with the information leaflets provided, and complete safety questionnaires accurately for your own safety.

Cooperating and communicating with providers.

Please participate in and to request further information concerning anything you do not understand. Remember to notify your provider as soon as possible if you will be late or must cancel an appointment.

Respecting other patients.

Please respect the rights, privacy and confidentiality of other patients.