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General Examinations

Book your routine eye check-up appointment at Saint James Eye Clinic.

General Examinations

For patients without specific eye complaints we recommend a comprehensive eye examination on a two yearly basis.  If you are over 40 or have a family history of eye disease such as glaucoma, screening is recommended annually.

What happens during an eye examination

During the examination, which typically takes about 30 minutes, we will instill dilating eye drops, which may cause stinging sensation for a few seconds. These drops may cause a slightly blurred vision for 2 to 6 hours, and the focus may be restricted, so driving should be avoided immediately after the test.

After your doctor or optometrist performs the necessary tests, you will be informed about the results and recommendations.

Types of tests offered at the Eye Clinic

Visual impairment and disturbance examination Microscopic scan of vitreous body and fundus
Glasses or contact lens review and prescription Examination of the fundus
Computerized eye test Cataracts control
Slit-lamp examination A and B-scan ultrasonography
Eye pressure measurement Contact pachymetry
Eye topography Tear film evaluation
Analysis of the deeper parts of the eye during pupil dilation

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